The Best RV Insurance Companies: Compare Lowest Rates

The Best RV Insurance Companies

Whether your recreational vehicle (RV) is a full-time home or primarily for recreation, RV insurance is a must for car owners. Just as car owners need car insurance for roadside assistance, liability coverage and unforeseen expenses, RV owners feel comfortable when they have insurance for emergencies.

RV insurance is a category of professional insurance products, so insurance companies may offer different types of RV and travel trailer insurance. Compare RV insurance with Gabi expert recommendations and get the lowest rates.

Best RV insurance: Comparison of companies by category

Best overall score: Nationwide

Nationwide, widely recognized in all types of insurance, has a solid reputation not only for travel trailer insurance, but also for RV insurance. They customize their products with a variety of discounts, such as tying RV insurance to other insurance or including multiple vehicles in one policy.

They also look for other ways to offer you the best rates, including discounts for safety courses or membership in a qualified RV organization. They are A+ certified on the Better Business Bureau website and offer $10,000 in vacation liability insurance and the ability to cover replacement costs in lieu of the estimated cost at the time of the accident, according to your policy.

The best setup option: National General

While all insurers have notable areas, National General stands out because of the discounts and options available to both part-time and full-time recreational vehicle owners. Getting your RV insurance quote from National General is easy and informative, and there are great options to meet your specific needs.

For example, pop-up trailers, five-wheelers and SUVs of various brands require coverage, but you may need to reduce or stop coverage if you don’t need the extra features for your personal items or you don’t plan on using your RV for a while. They also recognize that driving a van can be tricky, so they reward drivers who have learned those tricks in van driving lessons. Overall, if your van is stolen, it’s worth taking the time to explore options because you may find a range you don’t know about, such as an inspection after van repairs or help finding one.

The best pooling potential: Progressive

Progressive has an impeccable reputation and is highly rated on major consumer rating sites for everything from rental insurance to life insurance. With a wide range of insurance services and package discounts, you can easily and economically meet all your needs, including comprehensive RV coverage with auto insurance, boat insurance and homeowners insurance. According to their website, the average package discount is from 4%, and other discounts may apply.

Best insurance for full-time homemakers: Farmers

When you live in a van on wheels full-time, you need your insurance to get coverage, which may be more common in homeowners insurance. After all, if there is an accident or other problem with your RV, you will lose your home.

Farmers Insurance offers high quality service, and they get positive reviews for van insurance on a regular basis. You can add full indemnity to your policy to get an equivalent vehicle on wheels in the event of a disaster. Other services like towing and roadside assistance may seem trivial, but when you’re standing next to your vehicle in a difficult situation, you’ll be pleased to take advantage of the options Farmers offers.

Best value for money for weekend campers: SAFCO

If you’ve been using your RV for 2/3 years (250 days or less), you may want to choose Safeco products. Since you already have a primary residence, you don’t want to pay more insurance premiums than you need to. Safeco offers many additional services, including credit protection, personal storage, and 24-hour roadside assistance. You can archive or remove each item depending on whether it’s right for your part-time RV situation.

How to choose the best RV insurance

These and many other RV insurance companies can be great options for RV users, but everyone’s insurance needs are different. Only you know which insurance is most helpful to you, and your maximum RV insurance premiums reflect your particular insurance combination.

For example, if you have a brand new trailer or you still have a lot of credit on your RV, you may need additional guarantees beyond the required level of liability. Even if your van is old, we recommend that you consider full replacement for lost, comprehensive and collision compensation. Consider paying full replacement directly in the event of a serious accident. Then you’ll understand why many drivers choose to purchase replacement warranties and other policy features with higher limits.

RV insurance rating and its impact on insurance prices

Motorhomes come in three classes, as well as travel trailers of various sizes. All three classes are self-driving vehicles, but even a very large five-wheeled trailer must be towed behind a truck.

Class A motorhomes are made in the same shape as bus structures, and because they are the most expensive and largest of the motorhomes, in many cases they usually have the highest premiums.

Class B recreational vehicles are smaller and built like vans, often referred to as “camping vans” or “sleeper vans” Surprisingly, they usually have the lowest premiums of the three classes, even though they are medium sized. This is because Class B SUVs have been found to be less risky in some respects.

The C-Class recreational vehicle is a midsize option, built like a truck-style cab coupled with living space between the luxury of the A-Class and the compact style of the B-Class. As a result, C-Class premium fares tend to fall between the other two ranges of premium fares.

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